Productcreativity and technicality

Product creativity and technicality

ChallengeReinforce the brand image

Challenge Reinforce the brand image

KaraFun, a brand known by millions of singers worldwide! Nowadays, products are a central concern! Serving our users, serving fun, our design helps to make our products easier to use and to give meaning to the features.

Because KaraFun also has a long history: 15 years on the market, 1 karaoke session every 10 seconds, apps on all the stores, and loyal users whose loyalty we never take for granted.

“Brand design at KaraFun
The goal is to freshen up all the fundamental identity elements that have an impact on the overall brand experience.
How? By defining what is distinctive about KaraFun, while maintaining certain basic aspects: search for visual identity, launch of A/B testing on our website, and extend them step by step on our apps, our social networks...”

– Charlotte

Products to enhance your your musical experience

76,000 multi-track and video tracks customizable on demand and for download.

Karaoke Version

Producer of instrumental versions and of metadata for the entertainment industry (cinema, video games, apps, etc).

Tency Music

The application to accompany yourself and play / sing live on thousands of multitrack tracks.


The karaoke app to sing by yourself or with friends, available on all your devices.


The leading provider of karaoke tech solutions for karaoke bars, FECs, and the leisure and hospitality industries.

KaraFun Business

All the KaraFun technology in private karaoke boxes in Lille, Brussels and Paris!

KaraFun Bar

Running a backlog with Notion

Notion has taken over a lot of startups for its ability to adapt to many situations and processes. We use and 💜 Notion at KaraFun Group, and it’s now even our main backlog system. Let me explain how Notion is helping us organizing our weeks! Kanban, the classic First off, we’ve created a board...


The collaboration

The success of your product development is achieved by improving collaboration between the UX team and developers. We are a team and, as such, share a common goal.

Our responsibility is to develop products that meet the needs of users and the business. When designs are technically impractical and not implemented, valuable time is wasted.

This is why at KaraFun, there are processes:
Our POs prioritize all projects and involve all teams.

  • Discussion about the project
  • Validation of technical constraints
  • Centralization of work around a single “FIGMA” collaborative tool
  • Communication around the different graphic tracks
  • Share feedback and areas for improvement
  • Prototypes validation
  • Acceptance testing and test phases with Dev teams

Collaboration and communication between everyone is beneficial at all levels of the project, from design to production.