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Key Elements

KaraFun Group has a simple mission: to bring joy to its customers and partners through music.

Founded 18 years ago, the company offers a diverse range of services in the music and entertainment market:

  • Version Karaok√©, the instrumental music download site (without vocals, without guitar, without drums, etc.) and karaoke videos.
  • KaraFun, the most comprehensive karaoke subscription offering, providing a catalog of over 59,000 tracks and apps for all major platforms.
  • Jamzone, the app that reinvents the music score: play your favorite tracks, instantly remix them, loop different sections of the song (verse, chorus, bridge, etc.), and view lyrics and chords in perfect sync with the music. Instantly, and effortlessly!

Based in Lille, the company has entered into numerous agreements with major publishers to sustain its business and offer its customers a karaoke offering that creates value for rights holders. It notably offers to support professionals through a dedicated and completely transparent offering.

The company is also behind the KaraFun bars in Lille, Brussels, and Paris.


  1. Year 1995
    1995 A first version of KaraFun, designed for MS-Dos, is uploaded
  2. 2005 Creation of the company Recisio
  3. 2007 Official launch of the Karaoke Version website
  4. 2008 Karaoke Version exclusively offers the first catalog of Custom Backing Tracks.
  5. 2009 Creation of the company Tency Music for the management of music production
  6. Year 2011
    2011 Launching of KaraFun Online (subscription streaming service)
  7. 2012 The group reaches 1 million users
  8. 2015 KaraFun becomes a cross-platform application
  9. 2016 Creation of the first KaraFun box at the head office, box 0
  10. Year 2017
    2017 KaraFun Bar, the largest karaoke bar in Europe (16 rooms), is opening in Lille.
  11. 2018 Publication of the Jamzone application on all platforms
  12. Year 2020
    2020 Creation of KaraFun Group Opening of KaraFun Bar Brussels (12 rooms)
  13. 2021 Launching KaraFun Business
  14. 2022 Our YouTube channel has 2 million subscribers
  15. Year 2023
    2023 Opening of the KaraFun Bar in Paris (16 rooms)
  16. 2024 Launching of the KaraFun Bar franchises

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