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We asked 5 questions to Mickael Pynson, CEO of KaraFun Group

🧳 Can you quickly talk about your journey? What makes you tick?

Looking back on my work experience, I have worked in a wide range of organizations and sectors, but each time, the challenge of transformation was at the forefront. From my several management experiences, I have come to believe that employees are the main resource of a company and that most of our efforts should be focused on them.

🎤 What was your approach to the karaoke market before you became CEO of KaraFun Group? And what is your approach now?

Before I took the job, my approach to karaoke was one of a user, especially with my children who know all about the current hits. Since I started, I have come to realize that the karaoke market is much more than a “market”. It is one of the few services where you can immediately offer joy to your customers.
In these post-Covid years, it makes even more sense: Karaoke brings people together. With karaoke, you're able to gather people of different ages and backgrounds around a common desire to sing and that’s the magic.
KaraFun Group is the combination of two main ingredients: a strong and constantly evolving technological dimension and a complete catalog with a level of quality that is unmatched.

🧢 What is your day-to-day role?

My role as the General Manager of the group obviously includes a variety of missions. More generally, I would say that my role is to define our vision and to implement the human and financial means to achieve that vision.

📝 KaraFun Group in a few words?

Our group is the sum of multiple entities that enable us to strive for excellence both when it comes to our products and our catalog. We are experiencing a strong growth momentumat the moment, both in the development of our products and in our international market operations.
As I explained earlier, the key for an SME like us lies in the power of the human so the staffing challenges are a strong priority for us!

🔮 What vision of the future do you have for the group?

The future for the group is rather bright as the music and entertainment market continues to grow.
We have many ongoing projects that will help us continue to grow as we have since our creation.
So my vision of the future is very positive and one thing is for sure: being part of the KaraFun Group adventure, you're guaranteed not to get bored and to grow on a daily basis.

KaraFun Group is hiring all year round, if you want to be part of this great adventure, check our ads and follow our LinkedIn page to make sure you don’t miss anything!