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From music production to dedicated music applications

Founded by Barthélémy and Jean-Baptiste, brothers specializing in music and development, KaraFun Group was created to provide a quality alternative to the traditional karaoke and backing tracks.

With the idea of putting the client at the center of things, KaraFun Group is proud to make products that have been designed and produced in a working environment based on respect, fun and challenge: from music production to development, via marketing and communication, our products are all custom made.

Over the years, we've become a leader in music and multi-track production.
Our experience has allowed us to add unique metadata to develop applications and services that are used by millions around the world.

Our challenges

simple services
in an international environment

a basecode
that's as clear and open as a good book

Take care of
our clients
thanks to great content
and excellent service

an architecture
that's able to welcome all year long the planet
on our apps and sites

Where we excel

Music Production
Digital Marketing
UX / UI Design
Content Management
Web Development
Application Development
Customer care

Music Production

The music production team orchestrates the creation of hundreds of instrumental recordings. Sound engineers, musicians, synchronizers and content managers unite to create the cream of the crop that make up our catalog of covers.

Digital Marketing

Creativity combines with technology for our digital marketing team. Our community and marketing managers harmonize omni-channel communication to promote our products and services.

UX / UI Design

Every interaction with a user is an opportunity to improve our products.
For this reason, the design team reflects on how to mix creativity with the best accessibility and SEO practices to offer simple and intuitive experiences for our users.

Content Management

As a data-driven company, a plentitude of articles, photos and videos, based on our music catalog makeup KaraFun Group's unique database. Content, editorial and communication managers create and animate our digital content.

Web Development

A fast and responsive front office hides a specialized and extensive back office that manages the needs of other services. Our team is working with a PHP framework to design and implement the tools used by our customers and our employees. Our web development is completely internalized to ensure consistency and quality of code.

Application Development

Accompanied by our product owners, our team of developers brings together talent, expertise and passion to create powerful and user-friendly applications that have been downloaded millions of times. We work on Android, iOS, Mac, WebAssembly and Windows.

Customer care

Answering our customers' questions accurately and in a timely manner is fundamental. Outsourcing customer service is unthinkable: at KaraFun Group each question is handled by a specialist. Interacting directly with the different teams in our open space allows the customer care team to handle the most specific requests and concerns.

KaraFun Group is first and foremost a company of technophiles who like a challenge. We use the most advanced technology and try not to get carried away by modes (yes, there are modes even in tech!)

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