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7 reasons to join our tech team

If you're a talented IT developer, there’s no shortage of job opportunities. So what becomes crucial in job selection is finding a project and a team that's the right fit. KaraFun's company culture is unique and might not suit just any developer so here are seven insights to help you decide if you’d like working with us.

Be part of a challenging environment

You’re passionate about coding, you’ve been known to spend hours in front of a tough line of code and you don’t throw your hands up in front of a fierce bug.
The technical skills and the individual value of each employee puts us on par with companies in Silicon Valley: we've got top-notch talent here. Whatever the diploma, regardless of age, what matters here is the impact you’ll have on our products.
Don’t underestimate the challenges that await you at KaraFun, prepare to be surprised by the extent and quality of our services. You're probably already quite good at your job, but here, you'll gain even more expertise.

Enjoy true freedom

Work / life balance is important at KaraFun; hours are flexible as we count on you working in the most efficient way for you. Working from home on some days is definitely possible. Nothing is mandatory since we believe that work rhythms are personal, after all, some of us are early risers and others late owls.
We want to increase employee freedom, to nurture creative minds and innovation. Freedom means decision-making. What if an employee makes a bad decision or a mistake? Instead of placing blame, we ask the question of why the mistake was made and analyze the context of the error. For us, mistakes are sources of progress.
We avoid stringent rules in favor of self-discipline and accountability. For example, each employee chooses and organizes vacation days as one see fit.
It’s always the end result that brings value, not the number of hours worked.

Improve your code quality

If you want to become a clean coder, you've come to the right place!
No matter the language, no matter the framework, at KaraFun we focus on quality first.
Any developer can create code, just as anyone who can write can call themselves a writer. The challenge is to write maintainable and scalable code, and therefore code alongside other teammates and for other teammates. Like a good book, clean code is above all code that should be fun to read.
Easier said than done. Whether you’re a junior or an experienced developer, at one time or another you have doubts, problems, or feel stuck too long on the same code. Fortunately, several techniques and best practices are valued here at KaraFun to help you write clean code: explicit naming of your functions and variables, excluding comments as much as possible, splitting the code into multiple small methods and many others.
With these techniques, it’s wise to add habits that boost the overall quality of code: pair programming, code review, good organization and good communication.
But the mother of all rules, the one that makes you progress the quickest in our eyes...the secret is in asking for help.

Make friends

One of the comments I often get from newcomers to KaraFun is about the great work environment. At KaraFun, kindness and respect help build trust. Trust allows our team to express themselves without fear, to criticize constructively and to feel heard.
The employees who have been with us the longest know better than others that friends are quickly made here!
In addition to the numerous professional interactions (1to1 weekly meetings, workshops, monthly team meetings, etc.), there are plenty of informel momentstogether (breaks, meals, outings, afterwork drinks, trips, karaoke sessop,s, etc.). Trust is built between us because we know about each other.

Work on high traffic international projects

We spread happiness to customers all around the world through music. It's in contributing to this common effort that we take pride in our work. On December 31st for example, thousands of people around the globe are counting on us for their New Year’s celebrations. KaraFun is a company that is both small in size while at the same time being big in contribution. It's the expertise and skills of each team member, pooled together, that allow us to make a contribution.
Since 2005, KaraFun's been growing! Without raising any funds, we've become a major payer on the international markets and have recently reached annual revenue of more than 10M€. Thanks to these resources, we're able to develop our project at our own pace and under the right conditions. The KaraFun brand is known worldwide!

Be recognized for your work

Each week, every team member has a face-to-face meeting with his/her manager. Any questions, concerns or feedback are addressed at this time. Together, a relationship of sharing and trust is created. Your impact and what you bring to the company is valued. Confirmation of going in the right direction, progressing and following a common vision strengthens our sense of belonging. These one to one meetings are also a good time to talk about each person's expectations and development.
We don't have a cohort of interns and we don't usually work with freelancers but we do have some former freelancers who've joined us ... And the salary question, we don't think it's because you work in the exciting world of music that you should be paid less! A very competitve salary package is based on your talent and your impact.

Enjoy an extraordinary work environment

We made the choice to be right in the center of Lille. But benefiting from an exceptional location in the heart of the city doesn’t prevent us from seeing green! We’ve got a view of nature: on one side of our office building we’ve got a view of Carnot Park (which is expected to be enlarged ...) and on the other a courtyard garden.
Our inside workspaces are spacious and designed to maximize interaction with colleagues while providing greater acoustic and visual privacy when desired. Our fourth floor break room looks out over the rooftops of Lille and can be enjoyed by a spacious balcony. Everything is done to boost well-being and creativity.
These may be simple details for you, but to us, it's what matters!

If you agree that these seven elements will help you along your search for professional development, check out our offers or send your application to jobs@karafun-group.com. And if you’re lucky enough to live this adventure, you’ll come to know that we love karaoke, but singing is not necessarily a criteria for the job!

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