Committed to a better world

Each month, a member of our staff is picked randomly and given €1,000 to be donated to the charity of choice. It’s our way to lead by example and contribute to a happier world!

By choosing us every day, our customers help make this world a better place.

We select charities that are committed to environmental issues, human support for those in need, animal welfare and any topic that we feel is important and contributes to happier humans. The sky's the limit.


Association Ascen Danse

Selected by Jean-Baptiste

The association Ascen Danse promotes performance arts and contemporary dancing. The dance festival ‘Vertical’été’, put on by the association, takes place in the heart of the fortress of Mont-Dauphin in the Vars Region. This festival and its performances are inspired by the famously historical French figure, Sébastien Vauban. On another note, the KaraFun Group Team had the opportunity to see firsthand where the summer festival is held in February 2019.


Selected by Thibaut

This charity intervenes to help abandoned cats, by financing health care while bringing all the love that our little furry friends deserve.

Association Louise Michel

Selected by Thibaut

The association Louise Michel supports women in need of assistance and more specifically women who are victims of domestic violence. Amongst other things, it offers solutions like emergency shelter.

Les Clown de L’Espoir

Selected by Florent

The ‘Clowns de l’Espoir’ (Clowns of Hope) intervene every week in the paediatric wards to spread joy throughout hospital in the northern region of France! Hospitals aren’t your common theatres. Intervening with children, parents and nurses requires a ‘know-how’ which the charity conveys. As one mom puts it “Memories, memories… bursts of laughter and dreams, emerging unexpectedly from my daughter’s room last year while she was in the paediatric ward. Overwhelmed by worry, your charity gave me a big wave of energy.”

La Ligue contre le cancer

Selected by Florent

The ‘Ligue contre le cancer’ (League Against Cancer) is the first independent and activist foundation in cancer research in France. Its mission is to prevent and promote cancer screenings, provide support for patients and their families while providing financial support in public research in all sectors linked to cancerology.


Selected by Jean-François

Benenova is an incredibly simple volunteering concept: allow anybody to volunteer according to availability. Opportunities to be 100% useful in a convivial and welcoming environment. Benenova’s dream? A society where everyone understands that they have the means to act and to change the world around them. Time to make volunteering a habit!

Midezon Togo

Selected by Stephy

Midezon-Togo is a charity whose goal is to contribute to the improvement of quality of life of the Togolese people. It brings concrete assistance in the sectors of health, education, environment and culture hoping to reach fulfilment and autonomy to the Togolese people.

Planteurs Volontaires

Selected by Sacha

Planteurs Volontaires advocates for trees, through plantation projects, participatory building sites, animations and trainings all around the theme of the tree.

Association Chiens Guides d'Aveugles (Roncq)

Selected by Philippe

The association’s mission is to improve mobility and empower the blind and visually impaired. By training and entrusting guide dogs to visually impaired people to facilitate their daily activities, allow them to circulate in all public places and have a companion who facilitates their social integration.

Ecole du chat du Boulonnais

Selected by Philippe

Its mission is to capture, sterilize, tattoo, and release stray cats back into their natural habitat where they are fed and followed by volunteers. It's an initiative that also allows to place the animal in the city but also to give back the role that is attributed to it in the ecological chain, which is that of regulating other animal populations such as rats, mice, while helping combat the proliferation of homeless cats.

Fondation Mederic Alzheimer

Selected by Noémie

More than one million people live with Alzheimer's, and two million caregivers support them every day. We decided to support the Médéric Alzheimer Foundation, which provides concrete solutions to patients and their loved ones.


Le Planning Familial

Selected by Laurette

Family Planning is an activist movement which takes into account all sexualities, defends the right to birth control, abortion and sexual education. It exposes and fights all forms of violence, battles against AIDS and STD and against all forms of discriminations and social inequality.

Human Appeal France

Selected by Annie

As a humanitarian and development organisation, Human Appeal implements projects across six themes. Ensuring mainstreaming of gender equality, climate change adaptation and environmental protection, inclusion and protection throughout our project cycles.

Coeur de forêt

Selected by Laurent

Protect and enhance the forest! Create a link between man and this ecosystem through a natural circle and a reciprocal balance, this is the approach initiated by the association Coeur de Forêt!

Ecole du chat

Selected by Nicolas

L’Ecole du Chat is a network of host-families that take in abandoned cats. Each family cares for the animals until they find their forever home. The association works hand in hand with volunteer vets in the community and organizes weekend adoptions.

Kyosei Training Center

Selected by Annie

Kyosei Training Centre is a small non-profit school founded in 2015. Situated in Arusha, in northern Tanzania, Africa the school provides free education to underprivileged children with the belief that every child, youth, man and woman has the right to education, a second-chance and a proper foundation for a better life.

Tricotez Coeur

Selected by Vincent

Tricotez Coeur is an intergenerational initiative founded 14 years ago by the European Grandparents School (Ecole des Grands-Parents Européens (E.G.P.E.)*. The association aims to help young mothers in difficulty.
20+ active volunteers collect, sort and deliver hand-made knittings to in-need mothers – more than 51 000 pieces were distributed in 2016. Just 60 volunteer knitters in 2003, Tricotez Coeur counts more than 7,500 today from around France.

Des étoiles dans les yeux

Selected by Adrien

This association offers hospitalized children and their families activities in order to help them overcome any psychological and physical difficulties, and to increase their happiness and well-being. The association offers meetings with artists and athletes either in the hospital or outside, with the whole family
"Stars In Your Eyes" organizes and finances exercise rooms within the pediatric hospitals in the Nord Pas-de-Calais region.

Les petits frères des Pauvres

Selected by Amandine

This association works with people over 50 years of age suffering from loneliness, poverty and other difficulties that may face them after losing autonomy in their own homes, retirement centers or medical institutions.

Alcool Assistance

Selected by Amandine

Created in 1910 to help those battling alcohol substance abuse, "Alcohol Assistance" today, the non-profit helps any person struggling with the addiction including offering support for family members of addicts.

Agir pour les animaux

Selected by Pierre

"Act for Animals" is an association committed to helping displaced and distressed animals in the Toulouse region of France.
Every day, this center welcomes and houses stray, abandoned or abused animals and gives them the necessary care until they find their forever home.

Institut Pasteur de Lille

Selected by Jeremy

The Pasteur Institute of Lille is a private foundation recognized as a public entity since 1898, dedicated to medical research and public health.

Fondation Abbé Pierre

Selected by Loïc

The Abbé Pierre Foundation helps to house the underprivileged. More than 900 projects per year to combat housing worries amongst the poor, The Abbé Pierre Foundation works daily alongside the poorest to help them find decent housing conditions in order to project towards the future.


Selected by Loïc

"Rêves" is an association whose mission is to fulfil the dreams of children and adolescents who are seriously ill. Their goal is to offer a magical escape to help them forget temporarily their sickness.

Terre de liens

Selected by Barthélémy

Terre de Liens was born from several movements linking popular education, organic and biodynamic agriculture, ethical finance, solidarity economy and rural development, in order to stop the disappearance of land and facilitate the access to agricultural land.

MESH (Musique et situations de handicap)

Selected by Louis-Victor

The MESH association works to study, promote and develop the cultural integration of people with disabilities, and promote their access to artistic practices, in particularly with music.



Selected by Nicolas

French sea rescue is mostly carried out by the association SNSM. This association is dedicated to saving lives and is financed mostly by private donations.

Autisme France

Selected by Nicolas

France is behind in the diagnosis and support of autistic disorders whereas in neighboring Belgium, families are closely followed and supported. This association concentrates its efforts on improving the diagnosis and accompaniment of families in France.


Selected by Michel

Welfarm is an association that aims to protect and improve conditions of farm animals throughout their different phases in life.

Croix-Rouge française

Selected by Florent

The French Red Cross is a French humanitarian association. There's no need to present it to you, it's world renowned. Few can describe all of its beneficiaries (there are so many: help, care, assistance, social and international actions, trainings ...) This association is practically intertwined in our institutions. We've chosen to support it because of its significance and indispensability.

Association El Fouad

Selected by Alain

This association aims to promote social and economic integration through workshops: recycling, solidarity restaurant, grocery solidarity, building site.

SOLFA (Solidarité femmes accueil)

Selected by Simon

SOLFA is based on the values ​​of respect and solidarity and for women and families who have been the victims of domestic violence. SOLFA accompanies or hosts 3,500 women and provides telephone support to more than 5,000 women each year.


Selected by Nicolas

Birds and animals are easily lost in the concrete jungles we call a city... The association, OISO, cares for, reeducates and feeds injured animals that have been affected by our cement walls and glass skyscrapers.

Les Restos du Cœur

Selected by Barthélémy

We chose to help Les Restos du Coeur. This well-known food bank provides help for the disadvantaged.

SOS Chats du Sedanais

Selected by Philippe

This association helps abandoned cats by financing their medical care, providing spay and neutering services and preventing abandonment.

Association Lisa

Selected by Philippe

Concerned by animal suffering, via Association Lisa, we’re supporting animals so that they find their forever family.


Selected by Jean-Baptiste

Created to defend children’s rights, we are happy to help UNICEF. Alongside the group Kids United (we’re big fans!), whose profits from their last song benefited UNICEF, we chose to support this great association. Bravo to UNICEF for their efforts and bravo to Kids United for their extraordinary success!

Les Blongios

Selected by Barthélémy

Since 1992, Les Blongios organizes community wildlife and biodiversity projects.

Association Mécènes et Parrains d'Abeilles

Selected by Laurent

Bees have a huge impact on the environment, and also in our daily lives; protecting them is important! This association fights to protect them through the implantation of beehives.

France Nature Environnement

Selected by Violaine

This association, founded in 1968, is active in Europe and is combating actively to protect fauna and flora.


Le Père Noël est-il un rocker ?

Selected by Michel

Le Père Noël Est Un Rocker is an annual concert where the fee is... a toy, that is, once collected, given back to the families in need for Christmas.

JM France

Selected by Michel

This association helps to spread joy through music by offering underprivileged youth, ages 3 to 18, an access to music via activities, concerts, etc.

Nos tout-petits

Selected by Pierre

Pre and post natal childbirth is rather common but not well known. Nos tout-petits assists families concerned and provides adequate education to the caregivers to best help families throughout this difficult time.


Selected by Jean-Baptiste

Used almost everyday by our team, Wikipedia is free source of information that is precise, unique, communal, and without ads. It’s also a wonderful example of what collective intelligence do.

Action Froid

Selected by Thibaut

Action Froid is helping the homeless in the North of France. This association organizes collections, offers food and survival equipment for the coldest seasons.

Chiens Guides d'Aveugles

Selected by Noémie

It isn’t easy for a blind person to be autonomous. Access to equipment and guide dogs that aide mobility is expensive. That’s why Chiens Guides d’Aveugles intervenes to provide free access to equipment and to the dogs to improve the mobility of the blind.

ABEJ Solidarité

Selected by Noémie

This association helps homeless launch an active life, and to meet their most urgent needs and to battle against social exclusion.

Canopée Reforestation

Selected by Jean-Baptiste

The North of France has the least number of trees in France. By contributing to this association, trees are planted throughout the North and maintained for five years.