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2 million singers on our YouTube channel!

Our YouTube channel hit 2 million subscribers… With more than 70,000 new subscribers in December and January, it's fair to say that this new year will rhyme with karaoke!

Here are a few key figures

KaraFun YouTube, it's:

  • Over 7750 karaokes since 2006
  • 2 billion views in total
  • On average, 28 million views per month
  • 26 million views for our most viewed video (Zombie by The Cranberries)
  • On average, an additional 30,000 subscribers every month
  • For all tastes!

    Our channel keeps growing, mainly because we keep uploading one video a day! Our content is always in professional/studio quality. From the intergenerational essentials to the latest hits, our singers never lack inspiration. Did you know that you can already sing the best songs from Encanto, Disney’s latest hit movie?

    You can also explore the channel’s "Community" tab, a dedicated space on our channel that will keep you informed about the karaoke trends, allow you to respond to surveys or interact with all subscribers while immersing yourself in the KaraFun universe!

    Heading toward 3 million subscribers!

    Discover KaraFun on YouTube! Don’t forget to click on “Subscribe” and join our community of singers. Enable notifications by clicking on the 🔔, that way you will never miss a single update.

    Looking for more? Thanks to the subscription and the KaraFun app, you will have access to a catalog of more than 45,000 titles as well as exclusive features such as managing the voice guide, changing the tone or tempo from your mobile, tablet, computer or TV!